Here are some tips on when to use a fluoride tablet:

  • Use a fluoride tablet if you live in an area with non-fluoridated water
  • Use a fluoride tablet if you are prescribed one by your dentist or doctor
  • Always follow the directions on the product label

In general, a Fluoride tablet can be used daily as directed so as not to exceed the maximum allowance amount as fluorosis can occur. Fluorosis is an excess of fluoride intake that leads to teeth discoloration and can be harmful. A fluoride tablet is prescribed to children to prevent caries by a dentist or pediatrician after ensuring that they are not getting enough Fluoride from their water and food intake. If you are unsure of the Fluoride concentration in your drinking water, you can get it tested.

Do I need to start using a high-strength fluoride toothpaste?

A high-strength Fluoride toothpaste is highly recommended as a preventive measure for our high caries risk patients. If you need to get fillings done often, or have a history of dry mouth or radiation treatment, you should definitely ask your dentist about this toothpaste.

As always, prevention is always the best and first approach!

Beverly Zidor DDS
Great Smiles Buford Center

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