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Restorative Dentistry

Great Smiles Buford Center is committed to offering a full range of dentistry services. Whether you’ve had repairs or need a complete replacement, we recommend continual check-ups to assess your gums and bone density to assess the surrounding areas associated with your implant.

Bridges  Buford, GA


When your teeth are missing, it greatly affects your smile. At the same time, the missing tooth has the potential to negatively affect your oral hygiene because of unprotected gum exposure. Dental bridges are one of many options aimed at improving the appearance and function of your teeth by replacing the missing tooth or teeth. During your exam, we will discuss whether or not dental bridges are right for you.

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Cracked Tooth Repair  Buford, GA

Cracked Tooth Repair

Cracked teeth can cause a variety of symptoms including pain while chewing, temperature sensitivities, and the release of biting pressure. It’s common for pain to come and go, which can make diagnosing the cause difficult.

While you chew, cracked pieces of your tooth move, causing the pulp within the tooth may become irritated. When biting pressure is released, the crack can close quickly resulting in sharp pain. If left untreated, the pulp will eventually become damaged and the tooth will constantly hurt, even when you are not chewing.

It is possible that cracks can lead to infection of the pulp tissue and can spread to the bone and gums surrounding the problem tooth.

There are different types of cracks, and each should be evaluated to prevent tooth loss and infection.

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Implant crowns

Implant Crowns offers cutting-edge dental services specializing in implant crowns, a revolutionary solution for individuals with missing or severely damaged teeth. Our expert team utilizes advanced technology and techniques to provide durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

The process begins with the placement of a titanium implant, which acts as an artificial tooth root, ensuring stability and longevity. Through a process called osseointegration, the implant fuses with the jawbone, creating a strong foundation. Once the implant has integrated, a custom-designed dental crown is attached, replicating the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

Our experienced dental professionals work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan, taking into account your unique dental needs and desired outcomes. With precise implant placement and meticulous attention to detail, we strive to achieve optimal results.

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Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to fill cavities and repair cracked or broken teeth. Fillings can be done with gold, porcelain, or silver amalgam, but is most commonly done with materials called composite resin fillings that are designed to match the color of your teeth.

Additional steps are required for tooth-colored fillings because it requires multiple layers and a special light to dry and harden the area around the filling.

To fill a tooth, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the area around the tooth. A laser or air abrasion instrument will be used to remove the decayed area and your dentist will prepare the space for the filling by cleaning the cavity of bacteria and debris. In some cases, your dentist may apply a liner for your tooth called a glass ionomer to help protect the tooth and nerve before the tooth is filled. After your filling is complete, most dentists will polish the tooth to make it feel smooth and natural.

The procedure can vary in time and cost depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth. If you have any questions about fillings, please call our office today.

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Dental crowns

A tooth can lose its normal shape and size for a variety of reasons. A crown covers your tooth to help restore its original shape and size. Crowns can also be used to make teeth stronger and look better.

Crowns have a variety of uses. In some cases that require a large filling, there isn’t enough tooth remaining to keep the filling in place. A crown can strengthen the tooth and hold the filling. Crowns can also protect teeth that are weak, or help fix ones that are broken. Discolored or misshaped teeth can be covered by a crown, as can dental implants.

Your dentist may recommend a crown for any of the reasons, among many others. Crowns play an important role in dental health, and if you are in need of one, please contact our office today.

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Dental bridges

Bridges can solve the issue of missing teeth. Similar to dentures, bridges replace gaps in your smile with artificial teeth. Bridges can be made from a variety of materials including porcelain, gold, and alloys. With so many options, it is important to consult with your dentist about which type of bridge is best for you.

You should always keep your current teeth healthy and strong, but a bridge can help if you do lose teeth. Contact us today to discuss which bridge might be right for you.

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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures provide a reliable and affordable solution for individuals with multiple missing teeth. Our skilled dental professionals understand the impact that missing teeth can have on your smile, oral health, and self-confidence. With our expertise in creating customized partial dentures, we aim to restore your ability to bite, chew, and speak with ease. Using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, we carefully design and craft partial dentures that seamlessly blend with your existing teeth, providing a natural-looking smile. Whether you need to replace a few missing teeth or several, our team is committed to helping you regain your beautiful smile and improve your overall oral health with our affordable dentures. Trust in our comprehensive dental care to enhance your quality of life with partial dentures that are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Complete dentures

At Great Smiles Buford Center, we understand the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile. Our expert team of dental professionals is committed to providing top-quality complete denture services that restore your oral function and enhance your self-confidence. Whether you’re missing a few teeth or require full-mouth reconstruction, our personalized approach ensures that each set of complete dentures is meticulously crafted to fit your unique needs. Using state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality materials, we create natural-looking dentures that not only restore your ability to eat and speak comfortably but also give you a radiant smile you can proudly show off. Trust Complete Dentures for a comprehensive dental solution that transforms your life one smile at a time.

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Dental Implants

We are proud to offer dental implants for our patients. Dental implants are roots placed in your mouth for either permanent teeth to be placed on or ones that you can remove.

Dental implants are done to improve a patient’s smile and usually their self esteem. Having missing or bad teeth can be quite embarrassing. Dental implants also can be done to improve oral health. Many people find it easier to eat with dental implants. Their speech can also be improved. Dental implants are also more comfortable because they are made to become permanent.

When done correctly, and with proper care, dental implants can last a patient’s whole life. It is still important to brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash when you have implants. Patients still need routine dental checkups to keep their implants healthy.
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